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Anytime Towing - Santa Rosa, California

Anytime towing is a young company based in Santa Rosa that serves Sonoma County and beyond. At Anytime Towing, years of experience in the automotive industry, training, skills, the right equipment as well as  professional attitude, have come together to ensure that you and your vehicle are provided with the absolute best service possible.  Just as our name says, we are only a phone call away ANYTIME of the day or night.

At Anytime Towing, we pride ourselves with having spotless, top-of-the-line trucks and equipment with which to serve our customers. Similarly, we have the highest standards of professionalism for our drivers as well. You will find them to be well groomed, polite, and on time. You can be assured that your safety, as well as the safety of anyone traveling with you, is the first priority of our highly skilled and professional drivers. In addition, our drivers are trained to the highest standards to insure the proper handling and protection of your vehicle. We will treat your car as though it belonged to our mother!

It is our commitment to do our level best to take some of the angst out of what is often a highly anxiety laden situation in having your car towed. We understand and want to make things easier for you. Remember to call us anytime, daytime or night, at ANYTIME TOWING .

A Quick Reminder

While your out in about on the roads here in Sonoma county. Keep this in mind for everyone's safety

Vehicle Code 21809. (a) A person driving a vehicle on a freeway approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle that is displaying emergency lights, a stationary tow truck that is displaying flashing amber warning lights, or a stationary marked Department of Transportation vehicle that is displaying flashing amber warning lights, shall approach with due caution and, before passing in a lane immediately adjacent to the authorized emergency vehicle, tow truck, or Department of Transportation vehicle, absent other direction by a peace officer, proceed to do one of the following:

  1. Make a lane change into an available lane not immediately adjacent to the authorized emergency vehicle, tow truck, or Department of Transportation vehicle, with due regard for safety and traffic conditions, if practicable and not prohibited by law.
  2. If the maneuver described in paragraph (1) would be unsafe or impracticable, slow to a reasonable and prudent speed that is safe for existing weather, road, and vehicular or pedestrian traffic conditions.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • These guys are great. My truck stalled down on a flooded road. The water was up to the bottom of the door. I called them and they were out there in 15 mins. They saved my truck. About an hour later the water was about 2 feet higher. My truck would have been gone. I can't thank them enough. You need a tow, call anytime towing!!!!
    John S, Norwalk, CA
  • Tire blew out on the freeway in the center divider. They showed up quick. Towed me off the freeway and changed my tire. Driver was really helpful. Used them again. Locked my keys in the car. Opened it in no time flat. Great job. Will only call them as I need help.
    Melissa W, Windsor, CA
  • Arrived really fast. Great service. Driver was really nice.Helped me find what my problem was. Will call again.
    Jeff S, Santa Rosa, CA